Thursday, May 27, 2010

conformation show

A couple weeks ago my dog and I drove 7 hours down south to the ABQ dog show. A few friends with the same breed, actually relatives of my dog, were driving and flying in from all over. I had done a few fun matches with my dog and a conformation show as practice where we hadn't groomed up much prior to attending. This was a big show and we were there to go big. The first conformation show of the weekend I placed 3rd of 3 dogs in the ring and then the guy that has been in my breed for like 40 years said " you did pretty well, I didn't like your dog though, he looks immature" well thank you... I guess? It is because I lost my pin brush a while back and had used a shedding comb which striped him of his undercoat and left him looking very un fluffed. I watched my breeder groom that afternoon and repeated those techniques when we got to the hotel. The next day he came in 2nd to his brother and more importantly beat out a dog who had placed 1st the first day of the show. I was so proud. I guess I have no idea what I am doing in the ring and how to make my dog show well but, my spirits were up and we were having fun and not letting the fact we didn't get points slow us down. We are a wonderful team and that is what matters. Someone actually stopped their car the final day of the show to tell me how beautiful my dog was. That is a compliment I can agree with. He looks just like his brothers mostly I just have to figure out what the heck I am doing and I can finish him.
Next stop Longmont,CO show next weekend!

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